Parse PDF and Files Using API

In this article we'll see how to upload PDF and other files using Parsio API.

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To access the API, you will need the API key that you will find in your account:

This API key should be included in the X-API-Key HTTP header.

Unauthenticated responses will return in a HTTP 401 Unauthorized code.

Here's a request example using cURL:

curl -X GET -H "X-API-Key: <YOUR_API_KEY>"

How to parse HTML and text documents using Parsio 

API Endpont: POST<mailbox_id>/upload


  • file: Binary file object

Supported formats: PDF, HTML, CSV, TXT, DOCX, RTF or XML

Max. file size: 2MB

Request example

curl \
-F 'file=@./receipt.pdf' \


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