Predefined Templates

Parsio comes with a set of predefined templates that allows you to automatically parse emails from some sources.

For the moment, 4 sources are supported:

Choosing a predefined template will create a set of predefined fields in your mailbox.


When you create a new mailbox, you can choose a predefined template:

Create Mailbox

You can also change it at any time later on the mailbox settings page:

Mailbox Settings

This action will create a set of predefined fields in your mailbox.

Now, forward your emails to that mailbox (or reprocess existing emails) and they will be parsed. Alternatively, you can upload emails as EML files or forward them in bulk as attachments.

Parsed HARO emails

Can I add my own template in a mailbox with predefined templates?

Yes, but keep in mind the following:

If you have any custom templates in your predefined mailbox, Parsio will try to use them first. If it can't, then it will use the predefined templates.

My email is failed to be processed. How to fix that?

Many email clients including Gmail tend to change the HTML structure of your emails when you manually forward them to Parsio.

We strongly recommend you to use automatic email forwarding, send emails as attachments (EML files), or upload your EML files manually.

If the issue persist, don't hesitate to contact us!

Can I rename a predefined field?

Yes, you can rename a predefined field just like any other field in your mailbox. The field name must be unique at the mailbox level. 

Can I add a new (regular) field?

If you need to export a piece of data which is not exported automatically, you can create a custom template with missing fields.

Can I include a meta field in the parsed data?

Yes, you can add one or more meta fields to export some additional data such as sender email, received date and time, email subject etc.

Can I delete a predefined field?

Technically, you can delete a predefined field, but it will be recreated once you receive a new document in your mailbox. However, you can use an automated platform (Zapier, Make, Pabbly Connect etc.) to export only the required fields.

Need more predefined templates?

Don't hesitate to contact us via chat or email and we'll be happy to assist you!

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