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Parsing Airbnb Transactional Emails

If you run an Airbnb business, you should know how important it is to reply to your guests quickly and manage efficiently your bookings, guest inquiries, payouts, booking alterations etc.

A few popular Airbnb automation use cases include:

  • Notify the owner when his property is booked
  • Run automated sequences (for example, before and after each booking)
  • Log Airbnb payouts
  • Auto-reply to guest inquires

Parsio's ready-made Airbnb templates allow you to automatically parse the following transactional emails:

  • New confirmed reservation
  • New review
  • New guest message
  • Reservation cancellation
  • New payout
  • New inquiry
  • New pending request
  • New alteration request

Here's an example of a new confirmed booking email:

New Booking

To activate the predefined template, choose one of the Airbnb options while creating a new mailbox or later from the Mailbox Settings page:

You can now forward your emails to Parsio (or upload as EML files) and they will be automatically processed:

Parsed Airbnb email

Now export the parsed data to Google Sheets, Excel, or 6000+ other apps using an automation platform such as Zapier, Make, Pabbly Connect, Integrately, N8N, in real time.

⚠️ Important: If you have any templates in your mailbox, Parsio will try to use them first (and if it can't, then it will use predefined templates). So make sure to delete or disable your custom templates if you don't plan to use them.

If you have any feedback or comments, please let us know via chat or email.

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