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Preventing Incoming Documents From Being Parsed

Sometimes you receive different types of emails from the same sender - for example, you may receive bank statements and newsletters from your bank. Bank statements are the type of emails you need to be parsed and that are well parsed, whilst newsletters are failed to parse. Every time another newsletter from your bank is not parsed, you receive a failure notification to your Parsio inbox which overflows your inbox with time. With Parsio you have two solutions for not to get inundated with these “parsing failed” notifications from Parsio.

First of all, you can create a forward filter which will restrict document forwarding to only those documents you want to extract data from. Whether you use Gmail or Outlook, you can always set up a custom filter while creating auto-forwarding rules. Thus you define the scope of the email senders, email subjects or the content you don’t want to be parsed.

Alternatively, you can use a template with the “Skip” action directly in Parsio. After receiving the email to be parsed and before creating your template, just click “Skip” in the “Settings” tab as on the screenshot below.

Matching documents will get the skipped status.

You can also skip manually the emails you don’t want to be parsed - just check the box in front of the email in your Inbox tab and choose “Skip”.

Of cause, you can also permanently delete this type of document from the inbox by clicking on the “Delete” button.

You should keep in mind that you don’t highlight the same type of fields in Skipping and in normal templates. In normal data extraction templates, you extract fields with the dynamic data that changes from one email to another, for example customer names, dates or amounts. For skipping templates, you highlight the fields that stay the same in every email - for example, if it’s a newsletter from your bank, you highlight the word “Newsletter”. This enables Parsio to be sure that this particular document/email is to be skipped during the template matching process.

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