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Uploading Attachments to Cloud Storage

If you need important files to be backed up in a Cloud Storage of your choice once they’ve been parsed, you can opt for automatically saving them to Google Drive, OneDrive or Dropbox with the help of integrations Parsio has with multiple platforms. 

To save your extracted data to any Cloud Storage, 

  1. Start by creating your parsio.io mailbox. 
  2. Now configure auto-forwarding so that your new mails are automatically sent to Parsio, processed and uploaded to Cloud Storage of your choice 
  3. Then you need to sign into your account on the integration platform that supports this type of Cloud Storage: Zapier, Integrately, Make (formerly Integromat), Pabbly Connect, or KonnectzIT.
  4. From the integration platform dashboard, choose Parsio as the first application with the trigger “Attachment received”.
  5. Choose the Cloud Storage you prefer (OneDrive, Google Drive or Dropbox) as the second application with the action “Upload file”.

Please note that the steps may differ from one type of Cloud Storage/type on automation platform to another. To better understand the peculiarities of Parsio/platform connection we’d recommend you to have a look at our blog articles dedicated to saving attachments to different types of Cloud Storage via automation platforms:

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