Send Data to Webhook

If you want to send your data to your server, another app or a platform that is not integrated with Zapier, Integromat, Integrately etc, the easiest way is to use a webhook. By means of a webhook one can transfer information from one application to another in real-time which is way more practical solution than typical APIs. 

Here are the steps you have to take to export your parsed data via webhook: 

Step 1. Copy the endpoint URL from the application you want to export the data to.

Step 2. Go to Integrations → Webhooks in your Parsio account


Step 3. Click on “Add a Webhook”, select a trigger (typically "Document parsed") and paste the endpoint URL.


From now on Parsio will trigger the webhook every time one of the selected events occurs.

You can use the service which allows to generate a test webhook endpoint and displays the received payload data.

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