Field Formatters

Field formatters is a no-code way to modify parsed data before exporting it to webhooks, Zapier, etc. If you are familiar with Python, you can also use the post-processing step to add any custom business logic.


Pre-requirement: You need to activate the post-processing step in order to use field formatters:


Currently, Parsio supports the following formatters:

  • Rename a field
  • Find and replace: Replace or remove a part of the parsed value
  • Format date and time: Convert string into a specific date format
  • Add a prefix: Add static text at the beginning of the parsed value
  • Add a suffix: Add static text at the end of the parsed value
  • Trim: Remove whitespaces from both ends of a string
  • Title case: The first letter of every word is capitalized
  • Uppercase: All letters in every word are capitalized
  • Lowercase: All letters in all words are lowercase
  • Convert to float: Convert the parsed value to a decimal number
  • Convert to integer: Convert the parsed value to an integer number
Need a different type of formatter? Let us know via live chat or contact us at We're here to help!

Field formatters are executed one after another in the order that you define during their creation:

Finally, note that the field formatters step is executed after the post-processing step (Python script), if you have any.


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