What is Parsio

Parsio is a powerful data extraction tool that enables businesses to automate their document processing workflows. With Parsio, you can quickly and accurately extract key data from emails and documents, including PDFs, CSVs, Excel and Word files.

Whether you're dealing with emails, sales transactions, invoices, receipts, or business cards, Parsio can help you streamline your document processing and free up valuable time for your team. Simply upload or forward your documents to Parsio, and our platform will automatically extract the data you need and send it wherever you require it.

Supported documents and formats:

  • Emails.
  • Text PDFs.
  • Scanned PDFs & Images: Parsio uses AI and Machine Learning to OCR and extract data (including tables and handwritten text in different languages) from scanned PDFs and images.

Here are a few (real) use cases:

  • A travel agency extracts flight details from human-written emails.
  • An e-commerce website extracts order information from confirmation emails and passes it to a delivery company.
  • A freelancer sells plugins on a marketplace: after each sale, Parsio extracts customer email and plugin id and sends it to the server where a license key is generated and sent to the customer.
  • A startup uses Stripe for online payments: Parsio extracts the transaction information to build the financial statements.
  • An HR department extracts candidate details from CV PDF files.
  • A small business owner collects contact details from incoming emails.

Parsing structured emails and files

It's easy to get started with Parsio. Create a mailbox (a special email address) and send your first email. Then create a template to tell Parsio what data you need to extract.

Parsio will automatically extract the data from all the emails it will receive. Tip: It's generally a good idea to add auto forwarding rules using your email provider.

No matter if you forward 20, 2000 or 200000 emails, Parsio's robots are always ready to help your business grow 🤖

Parsing PDF files

Parsio can automatically extract structured data, tables and handwritten text from text PDFs, scanned PDFs and images. It uses Machine Learning for OCR and data extraction.

There is a set of prebuilt AI models to automatically extract data from some commonly-used document types:

  • Invoices
  • Receipts
  • Business cards
  • Identity documents: passports, driving licenses, ID cards etc
  • W-2 forms (US)
  • General documents and forms, including handwritten text in different languages.

Parsing human-written emails, texts and PDF files without a fixed layout

Our GPT-powered parser allows you to use natural language to extract structured data from emails, PDFs, HTML, TXT, DOCX, XML, MD, and JSON files.

You can parse unstructured documents such as human-written emails, CVs, recipes, product descriptions, and much more. This was not possible to achieve using traditional methods alone, including AI models.

The advantage is that there is no need to create parsing templates or complex parsing rules. Simply specify the desired fields to extract from the document.

Exporting the parsed data

Once your emails and files have been processed, you can directly download the parsed data in your preferred format (CSV, Excel, JSON), export it to a Google Spreadsheet, or to your server using a webhook, or send it to thousands of apps using an automated platform such as Zapier, Make, Pabbly Connect, n8n, etc.

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